welcome to my website! I am a certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist providing diagnostics and treatment of mental health issues including farmacotherapy and psychotherapy in Prague 5 – Smíchov, near metro “Anděl”. Being trained in gestalt psychotherapy and psychoanalytic couples and family psychotherapy, I’m working with individuals (children, adolescents and adults), couples and families.

In October 2018, I’ve opened my private psychiatric practice. Since May 2019, Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna VZP (111) will cover the care for their clients. I am going to negotiate with other insurance companies about the contracts, but it’s hard to anticipate the result, hence the care has to be covered by clients. Pricelist can be sent upon your wish via email.

The average waiting time is now in 2-3 weeks, so don’t hesitate to contact me to plan an appointment for psychiatric assessment or initial psychotherapy interview.


individual therapy

Individual therapy is the most common method of psychotherapy. In psychodynamic psychotherapy (where gestalt psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy belong as well), it’s orientation is towards understanding of the deeperunconscious contexts of current difficulties. The aim is to understand, how is the, often unresolved past, contributing to the present troubles. Being aware of the previously unconscious, it broadens our options for change and enhances our personal growth. The ultimate goal is not only the alleviation of the symptoms, but improving the overall level of functioning and sense of life satisfaction as well.

Because children express themselves best in play, “play therapy” (drawing, toys) is used. In adolescents and adults, “talking therapy” takes place.

couples and marital therapy

Couples and marital therapy and counseling are an effective tool for helping couples in crisis. By discovering unconscious expectations, needs or feelings, sometimes expressed only in the behaviour, the therapist helps the partners to be more aware of themselves. This contributes to a new quality of communicating and enhances the ability to express things more on a verbal instead of behaviour level. The result can be then a resolution of the crisis.

family therapy

Family therapy plays a significant role in the therapy of mental disorders in children and adolescents, hence the youngest members of the family are the most vulnerable ones in their psychological and physical functioning.

Thus, the unexpressed and often unconscious internal conflicts of adult family members, can manifest in problematic behaviour or feelings of younger members.

Family therapy aims at awareness and expression of the difficulties of individual members and understanding of the interaction at the family level. The symptom can then be transferred from the child back to the area of family relationships, with which family therapy can continually work.

It is commonly recommended in child and adolescent psychiatry, basic indications are conduct disorders, eating disorders and a broad area of preschool psychiatric problems.